Who is eligible to join the OCS Governors Coalition?

The chief executive of a U.S. State or recognized U.S. territory that borders a saltwater body of water is eligible to join.

Who is a member of the OCS Governors Coalition?

Members currently include: Governor Kay Ivey, State of Alabama (Chair); Governor Mike Dunleavy, State of Alaska (Vice Chair); Governor John Bel Edwards, State of Louisiana; Governor Phil Bryant, State of Mississippi; and Governor Greg Abbott, State of Texas.

How long has the organization existed?

The OCS Governors Coalition formed in May 2011 when the governors of Mississippi, Texas and Alaska joined together to advocate for the positive role that offshore energy development plays for their coastal states. The Coalition has grown from four to seven members.

Is the OCS Governors Coalition a partisan organization?

No, the only qualification is you must be a chief executive for either a U.S. State or Territory which borders a saltwater body of water.

How is the OCS Governors Coalition funded?

Each member pays $1,000 in annual dues to participate in the coalition.  The Chairman manages dues and can appropriate money to fund meetings, pay for supplies and support this website.

Does the OCS Governors Coalition work with any outside organizations?

The OCS Governors Coalition works with outside organizations to better understand offshore energy issues.

When does the OCS Governors Coalition meet?

The OCS Governors Coalition is required by its bylaws to meeting at least annually.  The coalition holds both public and private meetings.

What policy positions have the OCS Governors Coalition taken?

The OCS Governors Coalition has taken policy positions on expanded revenue sharing, access to offshore oil, natural gas and renewable energy development, and coastal stewardship. The Coalition’s positions can be found at http://ocsgovernors.org/policy-positions/